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About Us

Residential Division


This is our Residential General Contracting department focused on supplying Quality service and Superior Craftsmanship to home owners and other residential clients.

As the Mother Company, we cover all your Residential needs from start to finish including: New Construction, Remodel Existing Structures, Update Individual Rooms, custom carpentry, specialty construction for those must haves but can't find, and Fix any Section in need of repair.  We carry the highest level of Insurance allowed and are fully Bonded.  We offer a 6 month guarantee on our work and quality of craftsmanship.

Commercial Division


This department handles all our marketing and media outreach. This is also our Commercial Construction division that handles all the needs of your business.  From new construction to fully renovating your establishment - all levels of updates, large to small, in order to make your business have the look and function you want and your customers need.  We are licensed to build or renovate any nonresidential structure up to 10,000 square feet and up to 20 feet High, any leasehold, rental unit or unit that is part of a larger structure up to 12,000 square feet and up to 20 feet high, and any size structure in which the total contract price of all work done is no more than $250,000.

Property development


Our newest department to the Superior family.  We purchase lots, remodel or build to sell new homes;  Either pre-designed models or custom built homes for our clients who like to dream.  The heart of this department is to buy distressed properties and remodel, renovate, and rescue homes in need of Rejuvenation.  We love the idea of taking something old or broke down and making it new and relevant again.

If you have a lot or distressed property to sell please contact us to discuss it.


Company Founder, Project Manager, and R.M.I, Sean S. has been building since before he was a teenager.  He was 11 years old when he did his first bathroom remodel.  "I had no Idea what I was doing. I didn't know about vapor barriers, sub-floors, water intrusion, grout etc.  I read a Readers Digest about bathrooms and set out to conquer this task. New tile, linoleum, toilet and sink later-we were up and running.  Didn't turn out to bad."

Sean has earned a state of Oregon Associates Certificate Degree in Building Construction Technologies.  He trained in "Chief Architect" and is trained and certified through N.C.C.E.R..  He also was trained, educated and certified in Commercial building practices through P.N.C.I..   It's this Education, Training and Years of Experience that the company is built upon.  "I hold all my carpenters to the same level of Quality work that I have been trained and educated in.  I tell them that we will build better than the building codes.  Because when it comes to family and safety there is no room for anything less.  I expect to have a structurally sound and esthetically beautiful final product."


With over 15 years experience, Amy P., is our exclusive real estate agent.  She has won numerous "Sterling"  awards and is recognized for her spirit of excellence in her profession.  She is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Oregon and the Principal Broker for Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers.

Contact Amy for all your S.C.H. Homes LLC buying and selling questions.
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